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This enables national recent developments in long-term care authorities to learn from each other, drawing systems across Europe and I commend it Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, the best from experience gained and crystal- to them. According to line between the available medical health- a Eurobarometer survey, a majority of care and non-medical social services. A few examples will hopefully keep these from being pure abstractions. Is this the kind of place I would show to colleagues? Then people said the same thing about the next one, and was nothing to sneeze at either.

The result assistance mechanisms. High level quality in LTC services national, regional and local authorities and constructive partnerships with the private Tailor-made services: The quality of LTC services people receive and voluntary sectors are required. Failure Czech Republic varies enormously. So, it is not surprising that to develop this integrated approach can surveys and reports have revealed levels of lead to fragmentation between services and In Ceska Lìpa, daily short-term hospital dissatisfaction and drawn attention to defi- administrative hurdles that make it harder for services have been developed as a result ciencies.

The issues raised range from inad- people to receive the care they need. A locally funded in nursing homes to excessive use of restraint As an example: people discharged from day centre has also been opened for the and force. In Os- the reasons Member States are developing home care provision or receive these serv- trava, several commu nity-oriented ser- or changing regulations and legislation to ices within a community setting.

Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade such vices have been developed as existing ensure sufficiently high standards are put in follow-up provision does not exist, acces- residential facilities are renovated and place and respected.

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Fromthis will settings like nursing homes or hospitals, but care provided at home by informal carers. Some Netherlands, Slovakia are using ture size of rooms and staff ratiosprocess quality accreditation measures, coupled with the mechanisms and assessments in place monitoring systems Cyprus, Germany, Greece, and outcome prevalence of certain medical France, the Netherlands.

Others Germany, conditions. These reveal that in general the Luxembourg employ clinical guidelines based trend is towards an improvement in quality. At the same time, mechanisms. But they are still in the early stages patients.

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This was repeatedly stressed during Sweden: Freedom of choice and in many Member States. All participants Sweden has recently introduced a system the capacity of the long-term care workforce emphasised that respecting the dignity and enabling people to choose where they and the technologies which can help them fundamental rights of the frail and elderly is would like to receive their long-term health in their tasks.

Evaluating the standard of care a major challenge facing European society. They can select between private pro- people receive is complex. To ensure patients have than institutional setting, and is often based lines, quality standards in long-term care real choice, it is generally agreed they on measurements of satisfaction levels Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade homes, training of professionals and support must have access to sufficient informa- unmet needs. They could use a virtual account These include Nursing Care Allowance, combined with external controls according to buy care, employ assistants or pay for in-kind benefits, and other entitlements to nation-wide uniform quality inspection personal services suited to their parti- such as pension contributions, accident guidelines.

LTC assurance is guaranteed cular needs. The former oversee the visits, trained carers provide compulsory care quality of care provided in Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade institutions consultancy, and long-term care insurers and have sanction powers. Under these are required to hold free care courses for contractual arrangements, purchasers have family members and volunteers. Additional the right to inspect establishments and im- services outpatient facilities such as resi- pose penalties if they are not satisfied with dential facilities, technical aids etc also aim the conditions.

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Long-term sustainability While recognising the need to find an adequate mix between public and private sources of The long-term sustainability of public expen- finance, there is general agreement that a diture on health care, and on LTC in particular, social insurance or tax-based system is more will come under heavy strain as societies have Parim kaubandusfirma valik than one left entirely to private initia- to cope with ageing populations.

However, tives. At the same time, Member States Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade these pressures could be mitigated if citizens considering a potential mix Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade public and remain in good health as they grow older.

A preventive approach, the integration of The latter sources of finance tend to contain health and long-term care services and use two separate elements.

The second keep costs under control. Vaccination and screening Effective promotion of such care, as Member private sector responsibility for LTC. As recognition of the need to ensure a solid programmes, and campaigns to promote States have recognised, requires the exist- long-term financing base for LTC grows, healthy ageing are in place in most EU coun- ence of well trained and qualified staff and Comprehensive public programmes can be several Member States Germany, Luxem- tries.

While such programmes are an important efficient use of information and communica- financed in the following ways: bourg, Netherlands, Sweden are looking step forward, it is too early to assess their tion technology ICT. Slovakia: Prevention and rehabilitation Municipal authorities in Zavar and Banska possible.

In Zavar, social workers propose Bystrica City have introduced projects invol- treatment and care plans, involving ergo ving local stakeholders, residents and part- therapy, psycho-pharmaceutical treatment ners to help the mentally ill and severely and rehabilitation. These are centred on disabled receiving institutional care to live individual needs and enable patients to in as dignified and inclusive a fashion as participate actively in local activities.

This is cient use of resources and the tailored and and social care between different levels especially important given that LTC is usually seamless treatment care some patients may of government devolved and handled by sub-national levels require. It involves coordination between Under a far reaching reform of the LTC of government Spain, Sweden, United King- national, regional and local authorities and system, care will be provided through Three social protocols have been signed dom.

Let’s think about our community’s future

Similar objectives can be achieved services to anticipate and overcome obsta- a wide range of multidisciplinary Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade between the Federal Government and through framework contracts, as in Germany, cles that may arise. Problems can stem convalescence units, medium-term reha- the regional and community authorities between LTC insurers and providers.

Two of these, agreed Integration of LTC delivery can be achieved delivery and the many bodies involved in the centres and units for promoting func- inaim to improve working condi- through single entry points or local assess- health and social sectors. In particular, of medical care for patients and the United Kingdom. Several countries Belgium, the network created will encourage con- introduction of specific employment Germany, Spain, Finland have made or are in tinuity between community-based care, contracts for LTC staff.

The third protocol the process Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland hospital care for acute patients and social sets out budgetary and organisational of making arrangements to integrate LTC support, complementing primary care arrangements over six years.

Collective provision and to ensure uninterrupted care. Flexibility employment agreements are needed enables the system to be adapted to to put elements of the package into © iStockphoto different needs around the country.

In fact, I truly believe we have the most active and involved third generation out there. At the same time, I also believe we could surely be doing much better to keep our younger generations engaged. While it gives me no pleasure to admit it, Eesti Maja is increasingly unattractive to our youth.

I personally still go to Eesti Maja several times a week, but I realize that I am very much in the minority among people aged In fact, in writing this article I tried a little exercise: I wrote down the names of everyone I could remember from my Eesti kooli klass.

I then tried to remember the last time I ran into any of them at Eesti Maja.

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The result was this: I honestly could not and cannot remember the last time I saw any of them there in at least the last five years, and probably closer to ten. I wish this was an exaggeration. Of the names I have written down, probably around half of them I have barely seen at any Eesti events, although I don't assume that they are necessarily "lost" to our community just for that reason. But not at Eesti Maja.

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I suspect this is not all that different from other Eesti kooli lennud as well. Partly this is because Eesti Maja is an old building and shows its age. However, another part of it is simply that the things that have attracted eestlased to Eesi Maja in the past are not quite the same things that would attract younger estos today. Nostalgia is the biggest selling point for Eesti Maja, and it is not selling well.

Being cloistered with your own people is not selling well.

Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade Kaubanduse binaarsed valikud Indoneesia

Patriotism, on its own, is not compelling enough. Young people might still go there for the right events, but these events have been few and far between. This is partly because Eesti Maja does not pay a program manager, partly because estos rarely rent Eesti Maja for their personal functions i.

In my view, the biggest challenge for our community's sustainability is disengagement. Young Estonian-Canadians do not need eestlus. It's not exactly hard for third-generation Canadians to seamlessly assimilate as regular, plaid-shirt wearing hyphenless Canadians.

True —some of us may have a double vowel in our name or some similar quirk that causes us to stand out a bit. But the political imperative is gone.

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Eesti is now free. Eestlus is doing just fine across the ocean. If we stay active in eestlus, it is because we choose to do so, because it means something to us. Fortunately, Canadian culture encourages diversity, uniqueness and cultural richness.

There's really no good reason why we can't be fully Estonian, and also fully Canadian, at the same time. The fact that we might speak some eesti keel, have an ETCU bank card, own rahvariided, make it a point to hit up Laulupidu in Eesti, and take part in community events doesn't mark us as any less Canadian — in fact, in Toronto it is par for the course.

If anything, it's a special kind of Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade uniqueness. One of my best friends, who is third-generation Jewish, happens to speak Hebrew and lived on a kibbutz in Israel for a year. So I and my hyper-Estonian identity don't exactly stick out like a sore thumb in a city like Toronto. Is our community preordained simply to die out? From my perspective, if we third-generation Canadians still care about eestlus, I don't see any inherent reason why a fourth generation can't be the same way.

I still remember people's predictions in that that year's Kotkajärve suurlaager would be the last one of its magnitude. Yet was just as big. Then people said the same thing about the next one, and was nothing to sneeze at either. Keys for sustainability What surely is true is that the character of our community is changing. We have fewer and fewer "full time estos," people who would circle every community event in their calendar and faithfully show up early to boot.

For most younger people, Estonian events and organizations compete with non-Estonian ones on a level playing field.

Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade Keerulised teostatavuse strateegiad

The "estoness" of an event is not, on its own, sufficient. If we are going to have a sustainable community, it will be because we are clever about how we use our community spaces, events, and organizations. However, past leeri age, we can't assume anyone will remain active and involved just because.

There are three principles I would suggest are particularly important. The first is to think about events and spaces on the basis of whether they excite people on their own merits — where the "estoness" is what puts it over the top rather than being the main or only selling point.

Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade Swir aktsiate valikud

The second is focusing on proper scale. The third is crossover appeal — thinking beyond just our small community. A few examples will hopefully keep these from being pure abstractions. Not too long ago, Korp! Filiae Patriae organized an improv workshop at Tartu College, which was led by an improv group from Eesti seemingly the only Estonians who make a career in this field, as it turns out.

The attendance was around 20, predominantly in the age rangeand included a number of people I don't see every day at other community events. Although not the kind of thing that would attract everyone in the community, the event was properly scaled, freshly conceived, well executed, and fun.

Although I am not a member, I think the skaut-gaid orkester "Kõla" is a successful example of taking something that people would be interested in anyway and channeling it through an Eesti lens. As an example of crossover appeal, a few years ago there were Jane's Walks held in the Annex area to introduce Estonian architecture, of which there are quite a few notable examples in that neighbourhood. This kind of event drew a mix of eestlased and architecture aficionados who have nothing to do with eestlus.

A similar principle is true of EstDocs. In a somewhat different vein, Metsaülikool has achieved a crossover appeal with kodueestlased, many of whom rave about Kotkajärve back in Estonia and are increasingly excited to return, even paying their own way.

If we look at these and other successful organizations and events in the community, I would wager that most of them tick at least one, and likely several, of the three boxes I named Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade.

One of the challenges that we continue to face is that it often takes energetic visionaries to organize and plan great events. Consider Allan Liik, who built a wonderful jazz festival, JK Jazz, out of his own vision and determination. I also thought Maimu did a great job with Sihtkapital, and does a fantastic job with Metsaülikool. I really appreciate the great work of Piret and her team at Tartu College. There are other examples too. The challenge is that these types of community builders are hardly a dime a dozen.

By now, many people have familiarized themselves with the proposal to build a consolidated community hub on Madison Avenue in downtown Toronto. For those who haven't I encourage you to check out this link. The proposal comes from four organizations that play important roles in our community: the credit union, Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade National FoundationTartu College, and Eesti Maja. There are a lot Parim kuunlade kaubanduse strateegia and a lot of things to be worked out.

There are risks. There are tradeoffs. For one thing, it would require selling the existing Eesti Maja property on Broadview Avenue. Soon Eesti Maja shareholders will be voting on whether the potential project is deserving of more detailed analysis indicating a willingness to move Eesti Maja to a new homeor whether the proposal is unacceptable and should be rejected outright.

Chicago Choice Board Virtual Trade Aktsiate tahendus

There has been a great deal of lively debate in the community, with people I respect taking both sides. There has been plenty of comment recently relating to the due diligence period, and the things that will need to be carefully considered in that phase, assuming the project gets there. This is welcome. I would like to touch on one thing that I think has gone under the radar — namely, the potential for a great community space to rejuvenate our community, in particular for our younger generations.