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Movement within territory of protected natural objects 1 All roads and pathways within conservation zones and limited management zones of protected areas or within limited-conservation area or leading to protected natural monuments must be open for public use from sunrise until sunset, and if such roads or paths exist within the territory of an Eagle Trading Systems where a protected natural monument is located, the possessor of the immovable shall ensure public access to the monument during such time.

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Transfer of immovable containing natural object 1 For the purpose of transfer of an immovable or a part thereof situated within a protected area or limited-conservation area or containing a single natural object or the protection site of a species or encumbrance of such immovable or a part thereof with a right in remthe corresponding contract must contain the following information concerning the natural object: [RT I, The validity of the right of pre-emption shall not depend on the entry of a corresponding notation in the land register.

The costs related to the transfer of ownership of an immovable to be acquired on the basis of the right of pre-emption will be borne by the state.

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Necessary activities within protected natural object 1 The activities necessary within the area of a protected natural object hosting semi-natural biotic communities are activities which promote natural aspect and species composition thereof, such as mowing, grazing, and designing, thinning or deforestation of tree and shrub layers, the extent of which will be determined, in the Eagle Trading Systems of a limited-conservation area, Eagle Trading Systems a management plan and in the event of other protected natural objects, by protection rules.

A contract for grant of use will be concluded between the manager of the protected natural object and the person using the immovable and the contract shall set out at least the following: [RT I3, 15 - entry into force Nature conservation subsidy 1 Nature conservation subsidy Eagle Trading Systems paid for performance of work specified by the protection rules or management plan necessary for preservation of semi-natural biotic communities of protected areas, limited-conservation areas or species protection sites.

Acquisition of immovable containing protected natural object 1 An immovable which contains a protected natural monument or is located, as a whole, within the territory of a protected area, limited-conservation area or species protection site and whose use for its intended purposes is Eagle Trading Systems hindered by the protection regime may be acquired by the state upon agreement with the owner of Eagle Trading Systems immovable for payment corresponding to the value of the immovable.

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The division of the immovable will be organised by the owner of the immovable and the costs relating to the division will be borne by the Eagle Trading Systems who initiated the acquisition. The Minister of the Environment shall decide on acquisition of immovables.

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The costs related to the acquisition of immovables will be borne by the state and acquisition will be financed within the limits of the amount allocated in the state budget for each budgetary year.

Upon determination of the value of an immovable, the real rights which due to their nature cannot be deleted from the land register e. If, upon determination of the value of an immovable covered with forest, the value of the standing crop is not of material importance and, arising from the market situation, the assessed value of land Eagle Trading Systems not reflect the market price of the region, a representative of the state may order an appraisal in order to determine the value of the immovable covered with forest.

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If there is a good reason, an application will Eagle Trading Systems resolved after the good reason has ceased to exist. Information on the order of receipt of the applications for acquisition will be published on the website of the Ministry of the Environment. Set-off of values of state-owned immovable put on auction and immovable containing protected natural object [Repealed — RT I, Manager of protected natural objects 1 The manager of a protected area, limited-conservation area, species protection site and protective zone of a protected natural monument will be the Environmental Board hereinafter administrative authority.

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Administration of protected natural objects Administration of a protected natural object shall include: 1 issue of a permit for use of the environment determined by this Act and the protection rules, and setting conditions for the issue of the permits; 2 participation in public disputes for assessing plans or environmental impact liable to affect the protected natural object, and setting Eagle Trading Systems for planned activities liable to affect the protected natural object; 3 organisation of activities arising from the protection rules or management plan; 4 monitoring of compliance with the requirements provided by this Act and the protection rules, and notification of the Environmental Inspectorate of discovered violations.

Marking of Eagle Trading Systems natural objects 1 A protected area, limited-conservation area, protected natural monument or natural object protected at the local government level will be marked such that the location of the protected natural object could be reasonably understandable at the site.

Protection obligation notice 1 A protection obligation notice is a document issued for information purposes to Eagle Trading Systems owner of an immovable that contains a brown bear hibernation site or the habitat of a species belonging to the protected category I, or whose immovable is located within such area, or to the possessor of such an area concerning whom a corresponding entry has been made in the land register, an administrator of state Kaubandusvoimalused ETFS or an authorised authority hereinafter jointly referred to as possessor [RT I, Management plan 1 For the purpose of organising the protection of limited-conservation areas and protected areas, a management plan will be prepared which shall set out: 1 the significant environmental factors and their impact to the natural object; 2 the objectives of protection, work necessary to reach the objectives, and the priority, schedule and volume of work; 3 a budget for accomplishing the plan.

Information regarding approval of the management plan will be published on the website of the Environmental Board. Eagle Trading Systems

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