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In this paper, we study imaginary cubes and present assembly puzzles based on them. This aims to support numerous application fields such as topographic and cadastral mapping. The approach is not suitable as a standalone approach for object delineation. In the first part of the article Van Aarde's historical and social approaches are highlighted, his ongoing reflection on the

  • Hideki Tsuiki Full Text Available Imaginary cubes are three dimensional objects which have square silhouette projections in three orthogonal ways just as a cube has.
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This study investigates a superpixel approach, namely simple linear iterative clustering SLICin terms of its applicability to UAV data. The approach is investigated in terms of its applicability to high-resolution UAV orthoimages and in terms of its ability to delineate object outlines of roads and roofs.

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Results show that the approach is applicable to UAV orthoimages of 0. The approach is not suitable as a standalone approach for object delineation.

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However, it shows high potential for a combination with further methods that delineate objects at higher correctness rates in exchange of a lower localization quality. This study provides a basis for future work that will focus on the incorporation of multiple methods for an interactive, comprehensive and accurate object delineation from UAV data.

We show that there are 16 equivalence classes of minimal convex imaginary cubes, among whose representatives are a hexagonal bipyramid imaginary cube and a triangular antiprism imaginary cube.

Our main puzzle is to put three of the former and six of the latter pieces into a cube-box with an edge length of twice the size of the original cube.

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Solutions of this puzzle are based on remarkable properties of these two imaginary cubes, in particular, the possibility of tiling 3D Euclidean space. The core of the software processing is based on the previously developed foreign-object debris vision trajectory software see KSC Research and Technology Annual Report, pp.

In this system, scene reference targets are replaced by a photogrammetry cube whose exterior surface contains multiple predetermined precision 2-D targets.

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Precise measurement of the cube s 2-D targets during the fabrication phase eliminates the need for measuring 3-D coordinates of reference target positions in the camera's FOV, using for example a survey theodolite or a Faroarm.