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Shopping, müük ja vahetused Cryptocurrency Exchanges'is ja soojusvahetuses Lisaks investeeringutele on vaja ka liikuda börsikursustel. Olles kogunud õige summa, ründavad ründajad projekti ja kaovad täielikult. Seejärel näib teade, et ülesanne on tehtud.

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Hunnik kenas kindlas kõneviisis toodud valeväiteid PS. Mis see reaalne töö siis on? Et tuleks ikka tehases 12h päevas rahmeldada?

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Tahad, siis kirjuta libecoin on parem investeerida kui bitquoin konkreetset vastu. Mõned huvitavad mõtted minu meelest : "The problem with Bitcoin, and the other upstarts is that eventually the market will flood with this type of currency.

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If the digital age has taught us anything, its that any data and ways of producing it can be copied, again, and again The concept of crypto-currency is not unique to bit coin or any digital currency enterprise. Bitcoin and its likes will continue to rise and crash hard probably a half dozen times over the next decade due to hype and people desperate to invest in something they can retire on.

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These types of currencies will be relegated to non essential services like rewards programs many corporations offer now, arcade ticket vendors and carnivals games If a cryptocurrency ever emerges as a currency i. I thought Bitcoin would reach this phase, but a couple of the core maintainers basically staged a coup and steadfastly refuse to increase the protocol packet size, which is needed for it to scale to the level of an actual currency.

They've successfully managed to shut down any attempts to fork the currency or otherwise defy their will.

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So, I think it might eventually die off. We'll see.

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I still believe in the idea of crypto-currencies. It'll happen, one day. There's too much demand and too many people trying to do it. Somebody will get it right, and reach that critical mass first.

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There might also be a second and maybe even a third player. But the bigger those top couple cryptocurrencies get, the harder they'll be to topple. Probably the major risk they face that doesn't apply so much to conventional currencies is that of an exploit.

Possibly involving quantum computing