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Prencipe Elisabetta Full Text Available The availability of a cooled antiproton beam in the energy range from 2.

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The offline tracking algorithm is developed within the PandaRoot framework, which is part of the FairRoot project. The tool contains an implementation of the Kalman filter and the deterministic annealing filter for charged particle track reconstruction, together with a Runge-Kutta track representation.

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For those channels where a good low momentum tracking is required, i. At high center-of-mass energy and high invariant mass squared of the lepton pair q 2, the amplitude of the signal channel admits a QCD factorized description in terms of πN TDAs and nucleon Distribution Amplitudes DAs in the forward and backward kinematic regimes.

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Assuming the validity of this factorized description, we perform feasibility studies for measuring with the P¯ANDA detector. Mark Brown Oddball Trading System simulations on signal reconstruction efficiency as well as on rejection of the most severe background channel, i.

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At both energies, a clean lepton signal can be reconstructed with the expected statistics corresponding to 2 fb-1 of integrated luminosity. The cross sections obtained from the simulations are used to show that a test of QCD collinear factorization can be done at the lowest order by measuring scaling laws and angular distributions.

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The future measurement of the signal channel cross section with P¯ANDA will provide a new test of the perturbative QCD description of a novel class of hard.