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I feel like I needed a longer break from the game.

Such things as the dreadful end to last season’s league programme, that play-off final, the World Cup dross from England, the lack of many new players, and the muddling through pre-season friendlies are not the ingredients that create a sense of anticipation for a new footballing season. But I Richard Croft Options Trade sure that will all change once Saturday arrives and the usual ritual begins.

At the moment, it is difficult to assess confidently what type of season any club will have with the transfer window open for another four weeks, by which time teams will have played five games. I think there is still a significant amount of trading to go on with several clubs so far very quiet in the transfer market.

The situation we have at Lihtne valik algajatele kauplemiseks right now is, I hope, simply a short term timing issue on when new players arrive Richard Croft Options Trade before the window closes.

It is, however, disappointing that the squad is not yet finalised, in contrast to what is happening at Southampton, for example. It suggests we are going to be playing catch-up once the season kicks off and it is therefore difficult to expect a great start to the season from us.

What is pleasing, however, is that Blackwell has managed to offload five also-rans in Wright, Ricketts, Pugh, Griffiths and now Harding.

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Surprisingly, Bakke and Kilgallon are still with us. There are some mitigating circumstances for the lack of new players coming in to the club. Blackwell has had to sell before he could invest in his targets.

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If the Blades had bought Hulse in June, then we could well have had a few more players in by now. Furthermore, Premiership teams are not releasing their fringe players on loan, or even for sale just yet, and maybe Blackwell has a couple of loanees on his B list.

Richard Croft Options Trade Parim binaarne valikud kaupleja

With such uncertainty over what our squad will actually look like by 31 August, I have no idea where my final realistic expectations will be for Leeds this coming season. What I do know is that there are currently too many holes in the quality of the first team squad for me to even consider automatic promotion a possibility.

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Then there is the uncertainty over when Crainey, Derry, Nicholls and Cresswell will return from injury. On the other P F Trade strateegia, I think the squad, when all are fit, will be good enough to outcompete about twenty others over the course of the season and thus a top six position Richard Croft Options Trade the minimum I expect the current squad are capable of achieving. Of course, promotion is the only objective this season – a minimum target – but realistically, the current squad will fall short unless four or five more new players are brought in.

Balance of the Squad The defence is so far unchanged until Harding leavesjust a few more wrinkles, grey hairs, and perhaps a further loss of pace.

A new first-choice goalkeeper – Bennet was good enough, – a left back and two new centre halves are still needed and Blackwell has been trialing players in these positions. Butler and Gregan did well enough for us last season, but whether they can perform as effectively in a more attack-minded team is doubtful. The midfield is surely a lot stronger, if all are fit, with Stone, Bakke, Richard Croft Options Trade, Nicholls eventually and Westlake subject to agreeing personal terms and passing a medical all new players for this season.

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Stone and Carole will improve the right flank, and two from Derry, Nicholls and Bakke will provide a competitive steel in midfield that was lacking last season and provide the foundation on which to get the ball out wide, to get the full backs overlapping, and to get some decent service into the Binaarsed valikud strateegiad ja taktika. Just how good will our new midfield be?

That is part of my uncertainty over predicting how well the team will do. Has Blackwell put together a midfield that can dominate and create? Last season the midfield and strike force were two disfunctional units yet still we managed to get to the play-offs. On paper, the attributes Richard Croft Options Trade the new midfield is streets ahead of last years shambles.

The attack is weaker for the sale of Rob Hulse, but only in terms of numbers, not Rob Hulse himself.

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Is that harsh? Physically, he never looked strong enough to hold the ball up Mitmekesistamise strateegia portfell and brush off the challenge of defenders.

Richard Croft Options Trade Naide tootajate jagamise voimaluste raamatupidamise kohta

We need the strong centre-forward who is not afraid to get hurt, someone who will get on the end of crosses and give defenders a bloody nose, someone to hold the ball up well, and to bring others into the game. West Brom have signed the archetypal front man in John Hartson who is the type of player Leeds need. They are a dying breed, and that is perhaps why we are linked with Geoff Horsfield. Darius Henderson at Watford performed that role successfully for Adie Boothroyd last season, but there are few effective “battering ram” types of the right age left in the game.

With Cresswell out for a few months, the team lacks a focal point in attack, a role that none Elite ohtlikud head kauplemissusteemid our fit strikers can play.

Richard Croft Options Trade Toote strateegia valikud

Horsfield may not be a 20 goals a season forward, but he would help create the chances for others and for me is a worthy short-term acquisition – but only at the right price of £k and no more.

Style of play Pre-season has indicated the preferred formation will bebut has not revealed too much about how well the first team will adapt to the change from last season’s Strateegia aktsia kauplemine the number of triliats and youngsters who have been playing. At the very least, the change should mean players, like Healy and Blake, being played in their strongest positions.

B&B on koht, kus sind oodatakse! Parimad hommikusöögiga majutusasutused

Carole’s pace and Stone’s guile, plus Westlake, should add some dynamism our attacking play lacked last season and increase the number of chances created from open-play. If the full backs can show greater adventure too, then the goals column should improve. One player – I think it was Steve Stone – indicated that the team will play in a higher-up-the-field Richard Croft Options Trade than last season. The significance of this seemingly innocuous comment should not be underestimated if the plan works.

Winning the ball in the opponents half, rather than retreating and allowing them to comfortably approach our penalty box, will not only reduce the risk of the defence being exposed, but will also more likely result in us creating more chances by catching the opposition players out of position.

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It would also explain why Blackwell was looking for better midfielders who can dominate opponents and why Nicholls has arrived to play alongside Derry, who was largely a one-man protector of our defence, but who was overrun at times. It would be a welcome sight to see Osta ja muua bitkoinit team less on the retreat when they don’t have Richard Croft Options Trade ball and quicker to get into the faces of the opposition, closing down space, protecting our half of the pitch from incursion, and winning the ball back more quickly than they ever did last season.

And playing with greater numbers further forward will improve our overall style, I am sure. Last season, our build up play was rather pedestrian, the opposition could defend against us comfortably, and even when enjoying signficant amounts of possession at home, the players could not get behind defences down either flank, nor open up Richard Croft Options Trade through the middle.

We largely relied on winning free-kicks outside of the box. Furthermore, too often the lack of movement in midfield and up front lead to the long ball forward from both full-backs to the isolated Rob Hulse. The full-backs have taken much Optsioonitehingud soovitused Indias for this, yet the players off the ball were just as culpable in not providing enough options.

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Last season we built the team on solid, unspectacular foundations, yet the players didn’t play with too much confidence or look too comfortable when they had the ball at their feet. The passing and movement from the players was quite poor. And unless we do improve when in possession, then we are looking at another flirtation with the play-offs at best. As for Blackwell, it is time for him to show his managerial flair and to demonstrate an ability to get the best out of players Richard Croft Options Trade a manner similar to what Adie Boothroyd achieved at Watford.

There remain doubts over his ability even though we were just 90 minutes from winning promotion; to outsiders that judgement would seem harsh.

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Anything less than a top six place will be a bitter disappointment not just for fans, but also for Blackwell and the players. I believe he is slowly putting together a decent team, and may well survive for another season after this year if we just miss out on promotion again, though I am not sure all fans would agree with allowing him another attempt.

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I wish him and all the players the best of luck for the season, and hope that for those Leeds fans who can manage to get to games this season give the team the unrivalled encouragement and confidence they will undoubtedley need in another long and arduous season. When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story!