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This period reached its peak from the 16th to the 14th century BC and excavations have revealed a wealth society that based its economy on agriculture and trade. Those who finish 13th and 14th will receive 8 lottery balls.


Kahjuks on reeglid inglise keeles aga nii pikka teksti ei viitsinud tõlkima ka ometi hakata. General Rules: -There is not a limit on keepers. Trades will be nullified and draftpicks forfeited accordingly. A full set of expansion rules will be given at that time.

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A 1-day trade reject time will be in place, and it takes 5 veto votes to nullify a trade. The commissioner and the two trading parties are not allowed to cast a vote.

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Each party must state the trade and agree to the terms. It will then be reviewed by the commissioner, who will call a league vote if a trade is suspect. Therefore, the Embsedched Stock Options UK person picking in the first round will also be picking 1st in the second round.


Those who finish 2nd to 6th will only receive 1 ball. Those who Super Snake Trading System 7th to 9th will receive 3 balls. Those who finish 10th to 12th will receive 5 balls. Those who finish 13th and 14th will receive 8 lottery balls.

We will use random. You will have an opportunity to pick your number or set of numbers before the draft, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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If you pick a player that has already been selected, the next manager can still make his pick. We will treat it just like your time has expired, notifying you that you need to re-pick, and the longer you wait, the lesser the talent pool available.

Injured Players: The injured list is commissioner controlled. To qualify for an IL spot, a player must have missed every minute of 5 straight regular season games on your roster. Here are the details of the system: 1.

You must initiate the process by posting your player’s name on our Yahoo message board. It is in your best interest to make the post clear Injured player – Amare Stoudemireand to let us know 3 or 4 games into his injury.

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Do not drop your IL player to the wire. You must wait until a commissioner approves your IL request. Once approved, a commissioner will manually drop the injured player onto the wire.

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Once a commissioner drops your injured player to the wire, he is protected for you. You are then free to use that empty roster spot to pick up a free agent.

To bring your injured player back into your starting lineup, you must initiate the process by posting your player’s name on our Yahoo message board, as well as the player who you are dropping to accommodate the add.

It is in your best interest to make the post clear title: Activate player – Amare Stoudemire, body: drop – Brian Grant.

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It will take up to 24 hours for a commissioner to complete the transaction. We will send the transaction through whenever we have time. If we have a negative or positive impact on your games played situation, it will be by coincidence. Although I will try my best to keep everything updated, it is still each manager’s responsibility to look at the updated injured player list on our message board before picking up free agents.

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So, if a protected player happens to become a ‘free agent’ before I get a chance to extend the waiver period, he is still considered ‘protected’ and cannot be added by a manager. If you have two players stored on the IL, you can still apply for injury Super Snake Trading System for the third player; however, in your initial IL request, you must include the name of a stored player to be added back to your lineup.

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That player will be available to other managers once the waiver period ends. If your deal can go through Yahoo without the IL player involved, please accept the deal in Yahoo, and post the exact trade on one of our boards. These rules can be amended as the commissioner sees fit. If a manager happens to break any of Super Snake Trading System above rules, purposefully or not, he will be dealt with by the commissioner on an individual basis.

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Punishment will be equal to, if not harsher than, the offense.