Trading Clearing System. Infrastructure of Estonian securities market will be renewed at the turn of the year

IB LLC creates a customer workstation, through which professional customers gain access to exchanges around the world. The TSE trading hours will remain the same: between IBKR releases the Portfolio Builder trading tool in TWS, allowing traders to create an investment strategy driven by top-tier research and fundamentals data, then back-test and adjust as needed. In accordance with the amendment applied in September, the minimum trading lot of securities will remain 1.

Infrastructure of Estonian securities market will be renewed at the turn of the Trading Clearing System In addition to the changes arising from the euro changeover, the entire infrastructure on which the Estonian securities market is based — the register and settlement system of securities — will be renewed at the turn of the year.

From next year, the CSD will adopt a completely new information system, the preparations for which began back in The new and flexible platform of the CSD primarily relates to account operators, stock exchange members, issuers, and the Bank of Estonia, and it follows the best pan-European technical and business standards.

Trading Clearing System

As a significant part of Trading Clearing System transactions of the Baltic Trading Clearing System market are cross-border, the Latvian Depository has initiated the process of implementing MessageHub, the actions to be continued in In the future this should result in easier and more cost efficient transactions for market participants with pan-Baltic trading, clearing and settlement.

The Estonian Central Securities Depository will begin the system changes on the afternoon of 31st December The replacement and configuration of the information system will take place in the time period from on 31st December to on 3rd January Clearing and settlement is carried out until on 31st December DVP transactions not executed in Estonian kroons will be cancelled on 1st January Ordinary trading on the Baltic stock exchanges will resume on 3rd January Trading Clearing System

Trading Clearing System